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Commercial Cleaning Services Los Angeles

As a trusted local commercial cleaner in Los Angeles, The Maid Squad proudly offers commercial cleaning services to offices, medical facilities, retail stores, and more. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote and assessment of your building’s unique cleaning and maintenance needs. We will propose a schedule that suits your requirements and your budget.

When should I use Commercial Cleaning Services?

The Maid Squad caters to various types of commercial clients. Some clients have small office spaces, commercial kitchens, and homes, while others have entire post constructed buildings. Some book weekly cleaning services, while others ask for a customized schedule. No matter the size of the job, The Maid Squad is here to help.

Why should I use commercial cleaning services?

Prevent Employees From Getting Sick

Dusty cubicles and mold exposure can trigger office allergies. Professional commercial cleaners wipe away the dust in every nook and cranny to help minimize indoor air pollutants that make your workforce sick. Also, our professional commercial cleaners will sanitize high-traffic areas in your office to help prevent the spread of germs (e.g., the cold/flu or COVID-19)

Minimize Furniture Damage

A single case of spilled coffee on the table dirty shoes on the flooring or moving chairs most likely will not do much damage, but these scenarios may occur multiple times in a busy office setting. Our commercial cleaning services can handle the mess before your furniture and flooring get damaged beyond repair.

Save Up on Costly And Time-Consuming Heavy Duty Cleaning

Why wait until dirt and dust in your area is unacceptable before hiring someone to clean the office? This prolongs the cleaning time and makes the overall cost more expensive. Let us schedule a regular commercial cleaning to keep your rental retail space pristine.

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Our Service Areas in Los Angeles County Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles County, including the following areas:

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